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Flaunt Entertainment is another level of sexy. Why are we the best?


We KNOW parties!  Bring your event to a new level of excitement with our amazing dancers and unique entertainment.

Train to be a professional gogo at
Flaunt Gogo Academy.

Whether you want to perform on stage, learn to dance, or just stay fit in a fun way, Flaunt Gogo Academy is for EVERYONE!  Join the Academy and become a part of the dance community.  Train to shine on stage and in life with fun, freestyle classes.


These girls are amazing! So professional and so talented, and always a blast to work with.

Adir Nameless Nightclub /Flaunt Client


I couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Denise is the best in the business and no one compares, that's just fact. She organizes everything without me having to worry and executes with perfection every time.

Michael, Society Unici /Flaunt Client


These classes definitely saved me. I was looking to build my confidence and learn some dance routines for fun. I feel like I've grown so much with Denise. Denise is such an inspiration, she is so wonderful and fun, and funny and very much a wonderful dancer.

Maggie Ramos /Academy Alumni


I've been a dancer since I was young, but never actually took a gogo class. I'm so happy I did because through the classes I was able to get my passion for dancing back. Her teaching style allows you to freely express yourself and let your inner goddess shine!

Raychel Espiritu /Academy Alumni

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